Herbal Products with
Pharmaceutical Standards

Ashbury Biologicals, a privately held Canadian company founded in 1992, has been a pioneer in the advanced development of plant-derived therapeutic agents, also known as phytopharmaceuticals.  The achievements of company scientists have included:


· difficult separation and analysis of plant constituents

· generation of unmatched quality standards

· development of novel formulations

· complex, multicomponent products

· large pipeline of products destined for prescription and OTC markets.


Ashbury’s initial marketed product was Tanacet 125Ô.  It was the first herbal anti-migraine with drug claims approved by the Canadian government.


Ashbury has licensed all of its intellectual property and technical know how to Dalton Pharma Services, a well established sister company which provides integrated chemistry, drug development, and cGMP manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.


For more information on Dalton Pharma Services, please visit www.dalton.com.